Field Day fabric by Kelly Ventura

Wow! It’s been a while. So many things happened since my last post. I keep thinking “This year I am planning on blogging my journey a little more often”, but I guess I say that every year.

You might be asking what broke my blogging hiatus? Well, the amazing Kelly Ventura asked me to make something with her new fabric line and I could not resist. Well, actually, it was more like: “Whoa, seriously? Me? YES! YES! YES!” What an honor! I have been admiring her work for a while now. Everything she touches is pretty amazing. Her wallpapers are jaw dropping, she has collab works with The Land of Nod, Crate and Barrel, Kaleido, Mon Petit Shoes, This is J, Wunderkin Co., just to name a few. Really awesome stuff. So now you can get a feel of my reaction.

When I saw her new collection with Whindam Fabrics called Field Day, I knew I wanted to make a bold flower jacket.


I tend to use a lot of neutrals and solids on my garments and I wanted something a little more special to be the focus while still complementing my basic items.


I knew I was going to make a Michelle Jacket by Republique du Chiffon. I have made one before in bouclé but wanted one in cotton for the Spring. The Michelle Jacket has two large patch pockets and an angled edge at the bottom. With this feminine print I wanted to soften the style by curving the bottom edges and switching the pockets to a delicate double welt inserted pocket, also to avoid breaking the flow of the pattern on the jacket.

I have really missed drafting patterns, so working on this jacket has helped get my mind back into it. I wanted to add some handwork with some stitching, which happened when I attached the lining and used a catch stitch to hold the bagged lining to the jacket. I think it’s important that we add these little moments on a garment, since this fabric was started by Kelly’s real hand strokes, and then digitized for print, I wanted to have the same relationship with the final product where a machine was used to stitch the garment, but the maker’s hand is also embedded in there.


I also worked on a Farrow dress by Grainline Studio. This is my third Farrow because I love the aesthetic of this tent style dress, but this was the first time I went sleeveless. With this citric, fresh print, I wanted something to wear during the warmer seasons. I don’t usually sew garments with quilting cottons, but these two pieces were perfectly for such type of fabric.


It was really hard to decide on a print from the Field Day collection. This dress would look great in any of them. I don’t usually go for yellow, but this little lemon like pattern (or are they little roses?) caught my attention and heart. Plus, with the strong floral trend coming to stores this season, I wanted to add some pieces to my often neutral wardrobe.


I cannot wait for warmer weather.

What about you? What do you think of this floral trend? Are you making any floral/Springy outfits? Tell me what you’ve been working on. I would love to know.

See ya,