Beesewcial - Underground maps

Hello, hello! 




It’s beesewcial time! Let’s start with my narrative. One day a couple months ago my oldest daughter wanted to take the metro to the city and we went on this really fun adventure to spend the day at museums in DC. The whole day was fun but it was so relaxing not having to deal with traffic and parking. We had a blast. Thanks due to her idea to take the metro.

Also, I was telling some friends how easy it was to walk around Shanghai and how I could go everywhere I wanted by myself without speaking the language. Their subway system is great and so easy to figure out.  

Both in Rio and NYC I used the subway on a daily basis. I always liked figuring out where I needed to go and the graphic look and minimalistic aesthetic of a subway map always attracted my eyes.

For this reason, this month I would like you all to make some maps (subway maps, metro maps, underground maps).  

It it can be of places you’ve been, lived, or dreamed to go.  

There are no color restrictions but you can use my Pinterest board for inspiration.

One pieced block equivalent to a 12” x 24” .





Thanks beesewcial friends. Take me places.