Hi all!

I don't know if you saw it on my Instagram, but I tested a pattern for Gabriela from Chalk and Notch. I'll tell you, when I saw her post for testers, I jumped in on the opportunity because I felt in love with her jacket. I was so excited to make it to her team of testers because I don't know what I would do if I had to wait until release date. The Joy Jacket is just perfect and with Spring around the corner, I need to have a couple on hand to just mix and match with my wardrobe. To check out all the details of this jacket visit Chalk an Notch here.


If you haven't sewn jackets before, this is a great one to start with. The directions and illustrations are aimed to make anyone's life easier. I felt that it was very easy to work on it as everything is clearly explained and illustrated. Even the testers who never had sewn jackets or had bagged a lining before did an amazing job with little to no struggle, so it's safe to say that anyone can make this.

The Joy jacket is fully lined and it has two versions, one with a collar and one with a hood and two different pockets that are interchangeable. I have been wanting to replace my old green, hooded spring jacket that I had for years and this was just the perfect pattern. I used a tencel twill that I got from my trip to China and I had the exactly amount for it. I get compliments on it every time I wear, which is almost everyday. 


This was my first time testing a pattern, but it was such an enriching experience. The whole process was very well thought out and organized. I could not wait for my turn to test as there were three phases to ensure that everything was properly done and clearly explained. It was great to see the fitting changes and adjustments with the tester group. I personally haven't changed much on mine. I made a size two with a minimal shaving from the armhole/shoulder area and I shortened the sleeve a little. That was the extent of my alteration.   

I love all the little thought out details on this jacket, like the grommets, hanging loop, separating zipper. They all elevate the garment and I love making garments that look like I actually bought it in a store.  

I made a second one in a Dusty Rose tencel twill from Mood with the collar and square pockets and I think it will be a great accent on neutral outfits. I am planning on making other colors (hello gray and navy, I am looking at you!). 



One of my favorite parts of testing was that I got to meet some amazing ladies from my area to take a Joy Jacket tester group shot and I hope we meet again for some sewing time. 

Joy Jacket1.jpg

The pattern released last week and I can't wait to see more inspiring versions of this. Check out the Instagram hashtag #joyjacketpattern for more Joy Jacket inspiration.

Joy Jacket 2.jpg

This isn't a project that can be completed in one day (with my limited time, it took me about three days), but it is one that you will get much joy from it (excuse the pun). It is a truly rewarding sewing pattern. I am also loving that Gabriela has kits for the Joy Jacket for sale at Chalk and Notch and coupon codes for fabric, so we can get everything we need and make one. I know you won't regret!