Fancy stripes tutorial

This morning as I was looking through Instagram - a rare thing these days - I was reminded by some people of the Fancy Stripes tutorial I wrote for the Quilter's Planner, so I figured I would repost it on my new site.

This easy half-square triangle block construction can be assembled in no time at all. This tute will show you how to make this 12" block in a super fast way. 

All you need for this block is 16 HSTs, but the best part is that they are made from just two square sets.


So lets get it started.


2 Fat-Quarters (one light, one dark)

Cutting mat and ruler

Rotary cutter

Sewing machine


Iron and ironing surface

Chalk or washable fabric marker


Cut 2 squares at 7 3/4" from the light fabric

Cut 2 squares at 7 3/4" from the dark fabric

Note: If you like a little room for trimming, cut squares at 8".

* This is a 12" block. For others sizes, follow the cutting chart bellow. Remember to add 1/2" to the finished HSTs in the chart when trimming it before joining the units.



1. Place a light square and a dark square right sides together. You will have two sets.

2. Mark the blocks with the chalk or washable pen from corner to corner, making an X.

3. Pin and sew 1/4" away from marked lines.

4. Cut first between the X, in a plus sign direction.

5. Then cut on marked lines, in a X direction. 

6. Press and open units towards dark fabric.

7. Lay blocks forming the fancy stripe pattern.

8. Start joining the units 2 by 2 and press each row to different directions, following diagram below.

9. Continue by joining the 2 by 2 units to finish joining the rows. Press to same direction as the other units on each row.

10. Nest seams and join rows 2 at a time. Press to the side.

10. Finish by nesting and joining the last center seam. Press to the side. 

11. Trim block to 12 1/2" square.

There you go! You are done! 

You can always refer back to the 2017 Quilter's Planner reference tab for a diagram of this method and more size options.

Below is a quilt design made by using only the Fancy stripes block in two colors.

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