Bountiful Blog tour

Hello you! 

Thanks for stopping by. I am really excited to join this tour and to share my latest project using Bountiful.

I have been following Sharon Holland's works for a little while now and am always in awe of how her designs are timeless, elegant, and feminine without being too frilly. In fact, I think the Bountiful collection has the perfect balance of florals, abstracts and geometric prints that are neutral enough to work well for him or her. 

I love florals but I don't usually gravitate towards them. The Abundant Galvanize print (grayish green) though, had my heart from the time I laid eyes on it. I knew I wanted some of it along with the Haymow Early print (dusty blue) for myself, but in the end I decided to make some Spring dresses for my girls, because they would be very excited about it. Also, I couldn't pass up on Art Gallery Fabric knits, which are the softest, most comfortable knits you will ever touch. No kidding! 

I made the 3/4 sleeve Waterfall Raglan dress pattern by Chalk and Notch, which is a really fast and easy dress to make. Which, by the way, passes the twirling test - If you are a mom or dad of girls like me, you know how important that is.

A huge thing for me when making dresses that have gathering or ruffles is to NOT overdo it with the fabric. As mentioned earlier, these Sharon Holland's prints are the perfect amount of delicacy and femininity, while also being minimal and modern.

Another thing I am loving in this collection is the color family. The yellow-greens, rust-oranges, dusty blues, grayish greens, along with that blush pink really belong together. Let's not forget the midnight blue that just goes so well with everybody else. It's the perfect family. *Yep, I made up names for each one of them.

I told my girls I wanted a dress to match them too. I do have the Waterfall Raglan pattern for my size, so I might need to go for it. Maybe with one of these prints:

Haymow Stack / Arborescent Seasons / Vine Umbra

Finally, we've moved from Illinois within this past year, so the Midwestern storytelling and inspiration are reminiscing to the beautiful --and flat-- scenery. Also, reminiscent of the good old time with friends, which we miss dearly. So having a little piece of those dusty, golden fields of corn and pasture to remind me of our past home is always welcome.

Well, I hope you had fun reading this post. My girls sure did have some fun running through gardens, having a lollipop and most of all, prancing in their sweet, pretty dresses.

By the way, don't these Bountiful colors go so well with the vibrant red of the lollipop? Hmmm... My quilty mind is bubbling with ideas.

So, that's it. The colors, the storytelling, the elegance of it all. It's impossible not to fall in love with Bountiful. Thanks for inspiring us Sharon!


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